Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Today was one of those days were everything seems ok. That its all going to work out. It started as any other day, waking at 11 am, eating breakfast, and heading off to work. I made some money, warranteed two old pairs of pedals (keep an eye out for them on eBay...), and downed some sweet Thai food for lunch. 3:30 pm, work lets out and its time to ride. Wednesday has become my high intensity day of the week, so I decided to do hill repeats in Valley Forge. 5 laps up and down Mount Misery seemed to fit the bill. Directly following that I made my way to Topher's place and met up with him, Keith and Matty B. for another 2.5 hours of fast riding. A quick stop at the Collegville diner for an omelette and homefries was ideal for refuealing before getting a shower, posting this blog and jumping into bed. Later.


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