Sunday, March 4, 2007

The South African

Today was another super sweet day of trail riding. This time it was at Razorback MTB park in Reddick, Fl. It was again Chris and myself making the journey back across the state in search of more riding. We got to Reddick in a timely manner again today and got changed for todays epic encounter. We rolled to the trailhead and started the first 12 mile lap of the day. This place was another unexpected suprise in the way of Florida mountain biking. Some of the most technical singletrack I've seen. The trail has lots of really quick steep climbs and desents with lots of rocks and roots. A real back-breaker. It didnt take long for us to realized that next week's XC race is really going to be hard. We did two laps before we called it a day. Time logged: about 3 solid hours of cruisin' around. Not too shabby. We packed up and headed home where we ate at Outback. I then went home and gorged myself with a triple chocalate cake, courtesy of my grandmother.

An interesting note of the trip was part of the conversation between Chris and I. Apparently when I first started racing in the collegiate mountain bike series no one knew very much about me. It turned out that a rumor had spread throughout the conference that I was from South Africa and had come to America to race bicycles. I found it to be pretty funny.

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