Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tour de Tykes

Today was the annual Tour de Tykes in Danville, PA. The past 3 visits to Danville have provided nothing but rain, mud, and lack of fun. It was because of these less than ideal circumstances that the event was unofficially renamed "Tour de Gay". This year however was not consistant: dry trail conditions and high temperatures/humidity.

Warming up I didn't feel up to par. A little slow and heavy and kinda tired. The start went fine, felt strong and was 5th-ish going into the woods. A couple climbs, passes, and mechanicals later I found myself leading this whole shindig. (Brandon and Ray both flatted, Kyle was having some shifting issues it appeared, and then I passed a couple people) I stayed out front for about the next 10 miles and stretched a lead out to almost 3 minutes. On the second half of the course I could feel some cramping coming on so I slammed the rest of my bottle and two gu's to try to thwart them. It didn't really work. They got progressively worse until the bottom of the very last climb when Rob and Wes finally caught me. I was able to ride through them and tried to stay with both of them up the last powerline hike a bike section but I wasn't quite able to. Wes took home the gold, Roberto was second, I rolled through 3rd, and the ever-so-suave Ryan Leech took home 4th. After I finished both legs locked up and I had to ask Ryan to unclip my foot for me because I couldn't move it. I'll pound to that.

It seems like this year's Super Series is already shaping up to be the most competetive and dynamic seasons yet. Everyone's stepped up there game and really brings it on race day. All the races so far have really been packed with action. Lots of back and forth passing, mechanicals, and tough courses have made for stiff and interesting competition. Keep it comin'...

Oh yeah, and the sweet new ride worked perfectly.

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