Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mostly Photos

Blogging material hasn't been coming easy as of late. In lieu of real information, here's a bunch of pics that I don't think I've posted yet. Its quite a mish-mosh.

Some redneck being interveiwed by the local news station after crushing skulls at a bicycle race.

The camping site Brandon and I poached for the Snowmass NORBA National. I thought it was a sweet pic. It was fun to visit but I don't think I'd ever live there.
Daytona Supercross- March '07

Second trip to Virginia with Matt and Brandon. We scratched the ride for obvious reasons.

My roommate last year at Virginia Tech always thought it was hilarious when i rode the trainer. One day he made me hold a fishing pole with a raw hotdog in front of me while I tried to chase it. He thought it was hilarious. I didn't see the humor.

My arsenal of bikes almost one year ago exactly. None of which I will have anymore after this weekend.

The Cascades- Pearisburg, VA. Just a cool waterfall a few miles away from Virginia Tech.

Matt, Brandon, and I cut down a tree with a machette.

Training is going very well. I can't wait to start racing again. Motivation is at an all time high which is good...I think. Been eating well, riding well, and sleeping well. Hopefully that will translate to a strong season. I've finally figured out a solid goal for the season, although I'm not going to disclose it quite yet. I will tell you that it is quite ambitious. And that's a good thing.

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