Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Here she is, the new ride. This one's been a long time comin'. The old 2001 Cannondale R800 finally shit the bed and needed to be retired. (It actually died quite a few years ago, I've just been dragging its dead carcas around since then). Instead of just settling for another standard road bike, I opted to go for the double duty bike, a 'cross bike. That way, I can ride it on the road with slicks on and then just switch them out for some nobbies and race 'cross in the fall. I swapped over most of the drivetrain from the C-dale, along with a set of Shimano wheels thanks to Bill Strickland, to a new Jamis Supernova frame and fork. Intitial reaction: I like it, alot. It wasn't until now that I really understood how thrashed the Cannondale was. I actually feel safe on this bike, something that wasn't always the case on the old bike. Decending on the road feels like nothing now, and I don't feel like the bike in going to fall apart at any second. Other than that, it's comfy, looks cool, fairly light, and doesn't make any noises either. I'm happy. Hopefully it lasts another 6 years. And it should, since it's entirely designed for off-road use, I'll be more willing to maintain it.
Motivation for 2008 is still going up. I don't know where it's coming from but I like it. Monday was an epic ride over in Michaux with Brandon. About 6 hours of riding, lots of climbing, 3 inches of snow, temperatures in the low 20's, no stopping (we ate PB&J's on the fly), and a "no-slackin" pace had us both beat by the end of the day. No pictures though, there wasn't time to take any anyway.

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