Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Epic rides

Put in two epic rides today and yesterday. I headed down to see my old roomate from Virginia Tech since he just bought a new apartment, in Baltimore. We made plans to hang out on Tuesday night, meaning I would make the trip down there right after classes on Tuesday afternoon, spend the night, and ride back the next morning in time for my 5pm class on Wednesday. The ride down, a distance just shy of 90 miles each way, went perfect. I picked out an awesome route to get there, with only about 7 miles of sketchy roads between Gettysburg and Hanover. I made it just across the Maryland/PA state line by nightfall and installed the headlamp to finish out the ride. Made it there safe and sound, changed into the only clothes I was able to stuff into my Camelback, gym shorts and a t-shirt and went out for some grub to try to lessen the calorie deficit of the day. Bryan works at the restaurant we ate at so the bill got comped 50%. Sweet! Slept in, ate more food in the morning, and then busted out to pound out another 90 miles back to Ship. The weather forecast for the day called for snow in the later hours of the afternoon, so I figured that would leave me plenty of time to get back before the snow really hit. Not even close. The snow and sleet started slamming me in the face as soon as I hit the Mason-Dixon. No worries, its not laying, just making the roads wet, I'll be fine. Ten miles later, 'Ahh, its starting to lay, and snowing harder. No worries, not critical yet.' Another ten miles and it was unbearable, I stopped a store and grabbed some Tastykakes and a hot chocolate until I could feel my hands, feet, and face again. Back into the cold. I made it almost all the way back to Ship, only about 4 or 5 miles shy, slipping and sliding all the while. The ice and slush and snow kept pilling up on the bike, leaving me in the big ring, with occasional shifting in the rear, and no brakes. This is getting too extreme, the bike is all over the road, I'm shivering so much. Call Brandon for the emergency rescue pickup and thaw out on the car ride back to town.
Overall, both days were sweet rides. 170 miles in a 24 hour period. Half those miles were either at night, or in a blizzard. Not too shabby.
That is so much ice

Not much to slow me down

No shifting up front

Sometimes in the back

Looks like I picked up some Kysrium wheels on the way home


Matt said...


Great pictures. Sounds like a fun ride out followed by a sucky ride home. Seems though you always look toward the positive though - I'd have been pissed about the weather.


Steven Gordon said...

Dude. That's pretty crazy. Too bad we couldn't ride when you were down time.


cyclocrosser said...