Tuesday, March 11, 2008


It works! My iPod which iGot about a year and a half ago stopped working suddenly last summer. The fools at the Apple Store looked at it and said that it was toast but they might be able to give me a discounted price on a new one since it wasn't that old to begin with. iTold him that iWould just hang on to it for a little while and think about it. That was almost a year ago and its been sitting on my desk since then. This morning iTook the innitiative to try to fix it by tearing into its guts. iGot it all apart but didn't see anything glaringly wrong with it so iPut back together, plugged it in to charge, updated the software and Kabaam!!, the tunes started flowing. Boy am iGlad iDidn't listen to those guys.


Next up on Mr. FixIt day is the Mazda, which needs new plugs and wires. There will be pics if iHave time.



Matt said...

Nice job. I just replaced the battery in my old 20gig ipod. How did you open the case? My battery kit came with these cheap case opening tools - that broke almost instantly. I ended up using them till they broke then used a thin blade screwdriver.


Lester said...

It is almost like yours. Only the pictures are better. haha. Plus I'm putting out a ton more watts since I changed it. I'll try Gordo's next and see if i loose any IQ points.

You better be pumped for pipestem. Its gonna be good.

A-ron said...

Thats exactly what I did, I just used the smallest flathead I had and pryed the hell out of it until it popped right open.

A-ron said...

hahaha...dont worry i am, lester.

huber said...

smooth riding last night in d-town. it was a blast!

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