Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am a lightswitch



With the flick of a finger.

Saturday was off. Can't really remember ever having a good race at Sewell. Between mechanicals and bad legs for the past 7 years, its remained the redheaded stepchild of the schedule most years. The course is lots of fun, tight, twisty, and fast but I guess its pancake flat profile just doesn't suit me well. I prefer to climb. I started off well and stayed comfortable for the first lap sitting in third but the rest of the body wasn't having it and I faded back to 8th by the finish. Ehh. What I didn't have in strength though, I make up with style. Bart "the hook-up" was able to show up with the Scott van and set up a nice little demo area for folks to check out some bikes. 2 people even raced the demo's.
Sunday was on. A new venue for me, Lewis Morris park in northern NJ was the perfect place for a bicycle race. Matt and I went with a friend of Matt's who drove us to the race, supported us, and then bought us dinner. Thank you. The local New York crew was present, including local legend Fast Edy. Until this year no one has been able to take Edy down on his home courses (conveniently, every race course in the state is his home course). Also making appearances were Flyin Ryan, Luis, and one or two other people. Another killer course of the north: 15+mph averages over 35 miles. Even with a good amount of climbing. Fast. Rode the first lap with Edy, trying to get a look at all of his lines and then passed him going into the second. Rode the last 4 laps alone trying to stay smooth and steady and put about a minute on Edy each lap after that. Looking forward to racing here again.

For once, all pics are originals. No thievery needed.
One weekend, maybe two, off of racing to get re-pysched for a month packed with three nationals and a stage race. UPS tells me that the new grips from Ergon should be arriving today which should help. Oh man!

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