Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Less is more

This really caught my eye the other day. A video clip of Sam Hill in this years DH Worlds. If you've not seen it, now is a good time.

Unbeliveable. Second place by only half a second after a run where, at one point he was laying on the ground several feet from his bike. Totally flying.
I've come to realize over the years that there is no correlation between the amount of stuff I have at school and the amount of it that I use. The more I have, the more that sits un-used. This year the challenge continues. How little can I get by with.
School starts on Monday. The Experience and I move in on Thursday. Good times to follow.


Jake said...

Damn... that's flippin fast!

Zach said...

that is so cool. almost makes me want to get a full facer and some shockage......