Monday, October 27, 2008

This week's highlights

-I bought a pair of jeans this afternoon with a 29 waist size. The smallest size that I've fit in in no less than 6 years.

- My cross bike didn't sell on ebay...again

- The nutritional difference between Centrum and Centrum Performance vitimans comes no where close to justifying a three-fold price difference

- That douchebag from my history class that cheated the other week....did it again today. I wish he knew how much I really hated him.

- I'm waiting on three (3) new bikes to arrive in the coming weeks. Scale, Spark, and CR1 pro

(I paused during the writing of this post for a 2 hour nap right here)

- Matt and I thought we were getting pretty good at raquetball, until two days ago when we were dominated in a doubles game with two fat kids who play all the time.

- I heard that the Phillies won some big game or something, I was preoccupied with not voting.

I think this picture is awesome. Vertical pictures are my new trademark.

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