Thursday, February 12, 2009

Making me

It's a process. A series of steps, if you will.

I took a big step last week. It feels good and, for now at least, I know it will work out. The hardest part of it all was explaining it to my sidekick. How do you tell someone who did you a favor by following you somewhere, that your not going to be staying? Would Batman ever turn his back on Robin? Is that really being a friend? It took me 9 days to come up with the words. Or at least the confidence. This was several weeks in the making.

Right now there are 50mph winds pummelling our house. I can see my window frame flexing inside the wall. Intense. I'm already over being on the trainer. Maybe a night ride on the mtb?
Meet the Owen Cup. Fabricated by John Frink of Blacksburg, VA. Mounted by John Delong. Named after someone named Owen.

The last time I was around for the psuedo-race I spent 65 miles off the front of the pack fighting with the wind. This year I brought some back up in the form of Brandon, but still got dropped starting the last lap. It was my annual IS (Intensity Shock) to the legs. I'm ready to start racing now. Sunday, was big miles, and big climbs. 100 miles of appalachia, 60 degree temps, people I haven't seen for quite a while, 3 major climbs plus a 35 minute trip up Mt Lake made for nothing short of a perfect day on the bike.

The entire trip felt like the poster in the background of the trophy. Yeah, its paradise.

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Lester said...

hey, shoot me an email when you get a chance. I got something i want to ask you about your testing on the bike last summer.