Thursday, March 5, 2009

black velvet

I'm not talking about Pat Benatar.

What I am talking about is the smooth buttery stuff found throughout construction sites, new developments, or when PenDOT decides that it's time to take care of the roads full of winter potholes. The stuff makes me giddy. I hit a 3 or 4 mile long stretch on a slight downhill with a light tailwind. Everything was silent, save for the hum of the rim-wrappers on the freshly pressed pavement.
All the new race gear is in! The bike looks pretty pimpy and the threads pretty fly. Enter the Scott Spark. 4 inches of squish, and all carbon. The only aluminium pieces on this baby are the threads in the bb and the bearings and bolts in the pivots. Everything else is carbonium, dropouts and cable guides included.
Last night I got my build on and threw it together. This evening I took it to Cyclefitters for the, chopping of the post and professional fitting. John does a awesome job with his fittings, the bike feels amazing so far. Don't let the garage setup fool you, he knows what he's doing! Check out the website and get your bike custom fitted to you. And tell him I sent you!
Right now local crazy, Rob May, is grudging across the alaskan tundra in the 350 miles Iditabike race. Temps floating around 40 below, 30lb bikes loaded with close to another 30lbs of gear, and 18 hour shifts either in the saddle or walking and pushing. There is real time updates from each of the check points here. The report is that the weather has taken a turn for the worse and Rob had to turn around and head back to the last checkpoint to get out of the storm. Hopefully he's able to grind through it and finish the last half. If anyone can, it's Rob!

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