Wednesday, April 22, 2009

funny the way it is

If you think about it.

My race time this weekend at Fair Hill was a full two minutes faster than exactly one year ago. Identical was the course, conditions, and motivation. My finishing spot was 3 spots worse. Hmm? Does that mean my fitness it better or worse? Half empty or half full?

The legs felt good though, which makes me happy. I felt fairly consistant throughout the day, which also makes me happy. This is about the time of year when I start racing my way into form. The first few weeks are usually downers; tasting blood on starts, not being able to hang with the lead group, getting dropped, and generally feeling negative towards myself. I tend to internalize it all. But in about a month that all goes away, and the legs come to life and the tables turn. I have a little bit of control in the lead group and most importantly I get to drop others and return favors. I can't wait for that!

After the race, Jenny and I hung out and put in some extra credit miles. We took advantage of the mildly technical trails and took a lap on the course. She hammered it out and impressed me through a few sections I didn't think she'd make. I guess I shouldn't under-estimate her!

I'm really digging the weather lately. I'm not looking forward to it getting any warmer than what its been the past week or two. Why can't it stay in the 60s all year? I prefer cooler rather than warmer and I dig knee warmers and long sleeves. At least then I can hide my unsightly tan lines that still don't line up. But they are getting better...

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