Sunday, May 31, 2009

Arnon Bike Marathon

The marathon today in Switzerland was a 35km, single loop course that skirted along the edge of a huge lake and then climbed to the top of the ridge before dropping back down to the finish. We started with an odd neutral start that rolled out of town for about 5 or 6 km to the next twon where we re-staged before getting the real starting gun. It just seemed a little unnessecary. The course, however, was killer. The amount of singletrack was pretty limited, maybe 10km or so, but descent down into the finish was dope! The rest of the climbing was on long, loose fireroads that had some spectatular views that made my reconsider racing my bike, and just spectating. I finished up the race in 9th out of 45 U23 riders, and was the top American in our field. It was awesome!


This week will be focusing on recovering, staying fresh, and eating more Euro cereal. Next week is the Swiss Racer Bike Cup/Mini World Cup.


Lester said...

Nice job man.

Jake said...

Pictures!!! Want Race Pictures!!!