Thursday, May 28, 2009

I slept with Harlan Price

Don't believe me? Today was the big travel day. Not only was the flight never-ending, I couldn't fall asleep either. I landed in Frankfurt with ehh, maybe two full hours of shut-eye before pileing into a Eurovan and driving three more hours to Kirchzarten.

Bikes freshly assembled, we took a short spin on the bike paths of Freiburg. Man, bikes are big here. Everyone rides a bike. They own the roads.

We're being put up at a small bike hostel right in town. The place is small with limited/nearly insufficient utilities. Take your hands and make two fists. Now fist bump yourself, in front of your chest. Your elbows would now be touching both sides of the shower. I guess it adds to the culture.
The Aaron Snyder Signature Edition bottle collection.

With all this down time, my posts should be frequent.


The Matt Miller Experience said...

and when were you going to tell me about this??...

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