Monday, June 8, 2009

Swiss Racer Bikes Cup

I feel like yesterday was a success. Let me define success.

-I got a top 25ish call up at a European UCI cross country event.

-I did not crash.
- I pushed hard enough to make my quads cramp. My quads have never cramped before.

-I only got lapped once.

-I took this super sweet pic of Russell.
Synapse- The race was hard. Eye-opening. Humbling. The course was a blast. 4km/2.5 miles. 11 laps. Descents were steeper than anything I've ridden before. They were more fun than anything I've ever ridden before. I think I'm hooked on the Euro race format. I finished 45th out of 60.
Now for my pics


Kyle Miller said...

Thats sooo awesome!!! That course doesn't look like anything around here.


You look like a rabbit running down a hill! That must be a crazy course. Congrats on the racing so far. We missed you at the Hoo-Ha...
Keep killing it.

Big Johnston said...

nice job out there. I am trying to follow all u guys there now and don't always get enough info from Seth and Wes. good blog, good racing!