Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Florida was a success.  Matt and I got in a good week of training capped off with our first XC of the decade. My fitness was about what I expected given the time of year and the lack of high intensity riding so far.  Lap times were 15-20 seconds faster every lap which left me overly satisfied at the end of the day.  It was the best, first race I've had to date.  Scary moment of the day was almost breaking my ankle after catching my toe on a piece of 2 inch steel cable buried in the ground.  That would have made for an inconvenient drive home being my clutch foot.  But then again, Matt swears you don't even need to use the clutch.

Speaking of the drive home, we were packed and rolling within an hour of the finish to get Matt to his 8am class the next morning.   Bet you can't guess how many complete bikes are in there.

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