Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Hoo-Ha was fantastic.  3 killer courses, and some top-notch competition.  Ended up 6th in the overall and stuck it to some heavy hitters from the west coast.  It felt good to have a good weekend of racing after a few less than stellar showings and came home with a lot more prize money than I was expecting to.  I will live in Virginia again one day.

Right now The Experience and I are chilling in Wautoma, WI for the fourth edition of the ProXCT.  Haven't gotten out on the course yet, but the video from the event site looks pretty nice.  Probably a lot like 9Mile just up the highway.  With all the driving so far this year, I'm getting awfully used to being crammed in a car all day.  The 16 hours out here was barely anything.  We got here this afternoon after stopping early last night because of tornado warnings all across northern Indiana last night.  There was some wicked lightning and rain for about 30 minutes until we got to an exit to stop at.  Didn't see a tornado though. Dang.

Looks like Matt just finished fixing his ripped Stans tape and his tire is holding air finally.  Time to get out and ride!

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Fatmarc Vanderbacon said...

upside down 13.
total bawler move...