Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drove from PA to almost Cuba

My last spring break.  Well, its supposed to be...

Daytona has always been a sort of home away from home.  I've coming down here since I can remember. (15 years?)  My grandparents have lived here for years, and my parents just bought a place a few years ago so I have grown some psuedo-roots down here.  I just wish the riding was better.  Last spring, I came down for a week with the Experience to get in a good mini training camp culminating with a sweet XC race.  We did put in a solid week, but we used up just about all the rides that I know of around here.  Without spending 3 hours round trip in the car, we're limited to either a sandy 5 miles of singletrack or going shoulder to shoulder with traffic on 4 lane highways.

This year, I set up my schedule so that I didn't have to worry about getting in a ton of saddle time while I was down here.  Rest weeks really lend themselves to having a worthwhile vacation.

We're just getting back from a few days in Key West with the spring break crowd.  Had a super good time with Jen and the parents.  (Doesn't everyone spend spring break with they're parents??)  Rented a scooter for the day and enjoyed some throttle twisting for the day, while also confirming the notion that it won't be long until I get a moto.  Probably the new Triumph Tiger 800 that I saw in the demo fleet last week at the speedway during Bike Week.  Street shows, live music, beach bumming, huevos rancheros, and trying not to be a victim of a huge tourist trap.  Its hard to stop eating all the key lime pie that I bought.

Two more days in Daytona, then leaving towards home on Friday to hit the first MTB race of 2011.  Can't wait. Lots of driving.


Lester said...

Green glasses went out with 2010. Red is the new green.

mooradian said...

Going to Sea Otter?