Friday, April 29, 2011

BC Bike Race

Just booked all travel plans for my one big trip of 2011.

I made the decision to jump on the stage racing bandwagon after day 2 of the TSEpic last summer.  I wasn't even there, but thats exactly want made me want to do it.  I was so jealous watching the race interviews of everyone being toasted from riding awesome trails for days.  I totally wanted in on it.  My first choice of racing TSE was squashed because of scheduling conflicts with a summer course that I need to take so I can graduate in the winter.  That leaves me with my second, but equally awesome choice of BC Bike Race instead.  TSE was enticing because it was close, cheap, wasn't at 7,000+ feet of elevation, and involved rocks, roots, and other proper mountain biking features.

BC fits all but two of those criteria, which are covered by my credit card and relatively high credit limit.

I'm expecting nothing less than an epic week.  The day to day endurance/recovery part I'm not too worried about.  I'm good at recovery.  I'm more concerned with being able to hang towards the front of the race each day.  But whatever, we'll see what happens. I feel somewhat fit, and I've got some decent motivation, so it's looking good.  There's a lot of hype around this event.  Naming yourself the 'Ultimate' stage race takes some balls, so I hope it doesn't disappoint.  Come to think of it though, I've never heard anyone say anything about BC that didn't make it sound like the 'Ultimate'.

Jen and I are having a little role reversal going down this weekend where I get to pull support crew duty for her half marathon.  She says she just wants to finish, but I think she's just playing it cool and gunning for the win.

I have been unbelievably tired for the past week.  Maybe more.  I think its a combo of allergies and maybe getting sick.  I hear a lot of people coughing like crazy around me in the library right now.  I probably shouldn't be here, but I think its too late.

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