Monday, September 17, 2007

A comeback, more recovery, and Tour de Brew

Things have been pretty low key lately. Days are filled with napping and shorts rides. The body is mostly recovered from Seven Springs but the long season is taking its toll. All burned-out-ness aside, I broke out the Stacy costume for the second time this year. For those not in the know, every so often a beer-drinkin, mustard-eatin, wife beatin, southern gent makes his way to a bike race. Usually in a dominatin' fashion. He made an appearance last weekend at the Tour de Brew. A first time race that went through the restaurant portion of the Allentown Brew Works, that was more of a road race than MTB short track. Either way, Stacy got in a two man break, won the sprint, and turned some heads. The newspaper article and video interveiw are here: http://,0,5028882.story

Terror of Teaberry was also this weekend. A last minute decision had me rallying the Mazda through Michaux getting creme pies and bottles to Brandon every 5 miles, instead of racing. Congrats to Brandon on 3rd yesterday and in the overall series. Bear Creek this weekend may be another chance to spectate for me. The XC at least. With Ryan and Wes focusing on 'cross already, I should be able to take the ST. Then it's the Gods Country Marathon before takin a month or so off the bike.