Thursday, November 15, 2007

Who Knows....

Being that I have some (alot) of extra time on my hands lately, I've been putting some of it towards learning a little bit about food. My conclusion? No one really knows anything about what people should or shouldn't be eating. At least when it comes to athletes. There are countless articles, books, reports, and studies on the Internet about what people should and should not be eating, but there all different. What one doctor says is good is bad to another. I'm usually the last person in the room to have an opinion about much of anything, but the one thing that grinds my gears time and time again is that we as humans need to explain and define everything in the world around us. Everything. We spend billions upon billions of dollars trying to come up with better explanations for everything under the sun, yet there are no real, concrete conclusions to many of the things in the world. Why can't things just be? Why do we need to argue over whether the the world was created by the Maker or if it is simply a huge dust ball that formed over trillions of years? Who cares? Why are doctors constantly trying to explain psychopaths' actions through using all sorts of equipment and computers to look at their brain waves and parts of their brains that are more active than others? Why can't they just be crazy?
Right now I'm taking a course called Intro to Human Communication. That's right, an entire semester which takes the word "communication" and dissects it down to its most mundane and meaningless form. The course is structured so that "communication" is a science, an art form if you will. What? Merriam Webster dictionary defines communication as- a verbal or written message. That's it. That's what it is. But for a university, that's not good enough. We need to break it down further, define it more. Why can't it just be communication? It's not a science, it is a natural, ability given to humans. Some are good at it and some aren't. That's as scientific as it gets.

I don't know where this post went in terms of a cohesive, clear thought, but that's a glimpse of the thoughts I have while I sit in lectures throughout the day and wonder why I'm even here. The moral of it though: Eat whatever you want, just in moderation.

In more coherent news, my fork, pedals, and rear brake are all still on vacation is SoCal. I hope they return soon...I'm starting to get motivated and want to put them to work.

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Lester said...

so fucking picky. mr psychologist "things are what they are". i'm going send you for a drug test, i used to say that shit when i smoked pot, hahaha.