Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bike Game Debut

In an attempt to increase veiwership of my blog, I thought it would be interesting to play a little game. It's a pretty simple and straightforward competition, every so often I'll post a picture of a bike part, component, or just something that has to do with bikes, but only revealing a small part of it. Everyday or so, I'll repost the picture with a slightly bigger area uncovered. For those who are in the industry, I'm hoping it will be kinda fun. There's no real prizes up for grabs here, just pure bragging rights. Here's the first picture, its an actual bike part, post your guess in the comments.


Matthew Phillips said...

Way too easy. It's an external bottom bracket.

A-ron said...

haha, your only half right though

Lester said...

its a crankset with bottom bracket, external that is.