Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saddle dropping and seatmast trimming

The old adage measure twice cut once was made into an extreme example this week as I took a hacksaw to the seatmast of the Scott. Rather then just cut it at a height that felt good, I paid a visit to Cyclefitters in Palmer and got a professional opinion on my saddle height and overall position on my bike. John set me up with cleat repositioning, saddle height at handlebar reach/drop. In the end he ended up lower my saddle by almost 3/4 of an inch. and moved my cleats out about 5mm on each foot to lower my q-factor. My reach looked pretty good the way I had it. We took those measurements and replecated them on the new Scale before chopping the post.
First thoughts are excellent. Super stiff, ultra light, and a suprisingly compliant rear end. I'm still getting the suspension tuned in and adjusting to the quicker head angle but hopefully that won't take long. As far as the fitting, it's only been a day or two on the new measurements, but the changes were noticable immediatially in John's studio. For years I've been riding the same saddle height based on what felt good. John told me that it's been too high and that has been over-extending my hamstrings which could be the reason for my cramping problems in past. After lowering it, my pedal stoke was visablly smoother and felt alot more comfortable. Only time will tell.
Last weekend was the second race in Zach Adams Y-Riders series. The course he had set up was pretty cool, some new raw trails plus some tight and technical sections made a challenging loop. The only problem was the turnout for the event. I'm guessing people just don't know about his races, but he puts on as good of an event as any other. So if your looking for some good racing check out his events.

The Playground Posse. We know fun when we see it. Tomorrow is Greenbrier, another stacked pro field expected.

I wish Jenny was here....

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