Monday, April 28, 2008

When did XC's turn into short track?

If Harlan's comment about 100-milers being undistinguishable from a cross country start is true, then the same effect must be trickling down to the cross country races lately which have closely resembled this:

Greenbrier was Sunday and it hurt. Lots of rain the night before made for an extra schloppy course for us kiddies to play around in. The field was stacked as expected- several Trek riders, Harlan Price, Brandon, Kyle and a handful of other no-joke guys. The start was pretty quick, which I have no choice but to take credit for. I passed Jeff Shalk just before the biggest climb of the course and picked the pace up a little to try and get a lead group going. At the end of the first lap it was myself, Jeff, Harlan, and Kyle with Brandon just a few seconds back. Laps 2 and 3 we held the same pace and put more time between us and the rest of the field. Starting lap 4, Kyle and I starting coming off the back of the group and were passed by Eatough who had a first lap flat. I was able to get past Kyle on the 5th and final lap for 4th place, behind the two Trek guys and Harlan. One of my best results to date.
Brief Results:
1. Jeff Shalk
2. Chris Eatough
3. Harlan Price
4. Aaron Snyder
5. Kyle Hammaker
6. Brandon Draugelis

The bike was awesome, it climbed and accelerated so well I couldn't beleive it. The handling was about 95% today after some suspension and stem adjustments. I think a few more rides on the bike will bump it up to 100. Plus the yellow and black just looks plain sexy. This coming weekend is the first big double-header of the year. Cat Classic on Saturday with the first Michuax 50-miler on Sunday. Chris and Harlan are expected to be at both so come prepared.
This weeks bike practice called for a couple sets of superman's down the hallway
Tomorrow night, the 29th, is the opening night for the Bear Creek Short Track Series Presented by South Mountain Cycles. Registration opens around 5 or so, Beg/Sport race go off at 6pm and Expert at 6:30. If you think you've got something better to do, there's nothing better than short track. Except a short track that lasts for 2.5 hours like yesterday... Seriously, it'll be fun.


Matt said...


Congrats on a great finish. You rocked that race - especially the first lap (fastest lap of the day, I think) Great job!


Zach said...

dude you were killing it out there. good job man. and fulfilling the most important euro rule too, looking good doing it. the scott is super dank.

Lester said...

the only thing that would make that bike look better.........well, is me. haha, good job man.

Steven Gordon said...

dude, awsome job man. you should really switch to road though...