Thursday, June 12, 2008

A look back in time and something to look forward to

I was looking through some old race pics last night and came across a couple that brought back some memories. The original race photo- Spring Mountain Challenge, October 2000. My racing debut. Note the oversized cotton t-shirt, excessively long helmet strap, massive bar ends and seat bag, and the sneaker/toe strap combo. Unmistakable signs of a champion. I won the race. I was 12.
Exactly one year later, again at Spring Mountain. Continuing the tradition of oversized clothing, although I traded in my sweet Polar Bottle for a huge hydration pack. The tube looks to be about 3 feet long.
One my favorite shots. Seven Springs 24 Hour race of last year. Topping out on the final big climb approaching hour 25. I was just about to catch and attack the second place rider. Jenny looks pretty serious as she runs alongside trying to keep me going. It was miserable but I can't wait to do it again.Another shot from Seven Springs. Early evening as the sun starts going down. Right about the time where the enjoyment of the race starts to dissipate.

Something to look forward to- the Marysville Stage Race is only 3 weeks away. Arguably the best event in the Mid-Atlantic region is put on by arguably the best promoter in the country. It kicks off on Friday night with a Night-time Time Trial through the Oesterling farm. Saturday, which happens to be the day of my 21st anniversary of being alive, is the XC which is sure to be packed with the best riders around these parts. The grand finale on Sunday starts off bright and early with a mass start hill climb followed by the always fun short track later in the afternoon. There is also intermittent beer drinking for those interested, lots of food, camping, fireworks, and other miscellaneous fun. And a slow race. There seriously isn't any reason that you shouldn't be there. Prior commitments? I'm sure they'll get over it.
Mike Kuhn, race promoting genius. But what's he thinking with that thumb ring?


Gunnar said...

Haha those pictures were funny! my first race was at spring mountain to.

Gunnar said...
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