Monday, June 23, 2008

I was doing so good!! What happened?

The frequency of my blogging lately had been unprecedented. Nearly every 2-3 days for several weeks. Just when my viewers were probably getting accustomed to reading my horribly told stories, I go and take a 10 day hiatus. For that I owe my viewers an apology. My duty as a blogger is to provide entertainment, insight, or just kill a few minutes of down time at work for those who venture onto to my page. All of which I have failed to do for the past 10 days. Again I apologize.

Let us please put this behind us and hopefully, in due time, I can regain the trust from my viewers that I fear I may have lost.

Since my last post I've raced twice. Both went well and played out nearly identical to one another. Last weekend was the forth race in the H2H series in New York. Matt and I drove up on Sunday morning to Stewart State Forest for the Dark Horse Gallop. The usual New York crew was there plus Christian Favata. He made me a little nervous only because I never raced him before. When we started the course was fast and the temps were high. The first lap I couldn't get the legs going and I was like 5th with Fast Eddy, Luis, and Maurice. Christian about 35 seconds up. Laps 2, 3, and 4 were all much better and I made time up on everyone. By the end of the 3rd lap, I had caught Christian and rode with him into the start of the 4th lap. Tired from chasing all day, he got a 10-15 second gap on the first and only real sustained climb of the course and held it to the finish.

As for yesterday's event at Neshaminy, replace Harlan Price for Christian and replay the same race. Two weeks, two second places and enough cash to stay unemployed for at least two more weeks. I'm not complaining. A little bit of recovery in the next couple weeks and Mt. Snow should be looking pretty good. Today marks the official beginning of the taper...and the butterflies.

One last thing. I am looking for a second Niterider Moab battery for the upcoming 24 Hour Nationals. If anyone has a battery that they could lend for the week I would be forever indebted to you.

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Lester said...

I got a whole second niterider light. Its the nite rider storm 2.0 HID. I don't think the battery alone will work with the moab, but you're welcome to it. Its good for about 4 hours or so.