Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Philly- Where its not the heat...its the humidity

Seems like everyone's complaining about the heat, so I won't even bother. Sure it was hot, humid, and unpleasant but I rode nontheless. Saturday I started out on my usually Landis Store loop packed with lots of steep climbing, but I quickly got bored of it and took off towards the north. I looped around through Pricetown and Topton and eventually made my way out to Macungie before heading home. After 4 hours of staring at the searing pavement the heat was taking its toll so I haded for home. By the time I got home my head felt like it wanted to explode and an IV most likely wouldn't have been a bad idea. Instead, I drank some water, ate some food, and went to bed so I could do it again the next morning.

The next day Matt arrived early so we could make the trip down to Manyunk to meet Jenny for the Philly race. We made our way around the course to take some pics, get burritos, check out Bowman on the lead moto and Peter Hall in the Colavita team car, and then cruised home. I went bananas every time Bowman went by.
He looks uncomfortable
She looks confused
Matt rolling sans helmet around mile 113.

Just read this today. Looks like WADA's cool with cocaine...as long as your not racing that day. Whatever...


Lester said...

a couple things...

1. i just order a jamis supernova
2. that's a pretty sweet new header picture
3. what's wrong with a little cocaine every now and again. you saw the last girl he was dating. it would drive any man to drug abuse. j/k. seriously, if they let him race, why punish anyone for doping?

Anonymous said...

the man just likes to blow it up and go fast

Steven Gordon said...

So now that you saw Philly road race, doesn't it make you want to give up MTB and get in on the real action in cycling??..btw that was david duncan in the picture I think..he rode for nc state back in the day. happy 21st!