Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bein' Busy

Being on the road for almost 2 weeks was a blast, but I'm glad to be home. The racing was good and the company unbeatable. The Windham race went rather well, where I place 32nd after my last place call-up. The bottleneck start put the rear end of the field about 2 mins down to the leaders in the first 100 yards. From there consistancy paid off for me as riders suffered in the east coast humidity and started falling backwards. I would have welcomed a fifth lap, as I was closing in on a handful of guys who finished within a minute in front of me. A top 25 for sure. Coulda shoulda woulda. Survived for well over half the short track. Got much needed confidence for next weeks main event.

Following Sunday's short track festivities, I moved on to Vermont with Zach and Martin in search of a 4 bedroom house that would be ours for a few days until the rest of Martin's team arrived. It was nice to sleep in a proper bed for a few days despite having to abandon my hand built sleeping platform in the Mazda to do so. The waking hours of Monday thru Wednesday were spent eating, riding slowly, and veiwing Family Guy marathons. Transferred residences on Wed night to stay with Carl and his uncle where Family Guy was replaced by Deadliest Catch.

Thursday-race day. Upon waking up, I can feel that "not really going to cooperate with you" feeling in the legs as soon as the feet hit the floor. I go about the normal race day routine thinking happy thoughts about last weekend. Disapointment overshadows false optimisim throughout the race as I'm on the defensive all day trying to not get passed instead of making passes. Ending up in 12th place isn't the worst thing, but it's far from what I knew I was capable of going into the weekend. Everyone has bad days, it just sucks it had to be this day.

One last chance at redemtion in store. 24 Hr Nats is only a week away. Feeling pretty good about it and looking to hopefully have a good time during most of it. Slightly concerned about the total lack of elevation change. That and the quality of the guys that will be there. With a descent amount of luck there might be a shot at a top 5. I'll pop in 24Solo again tonight...that'll be 4 times this week.

Side notes:

- Zach Adams knows whats up when it comes to making dinner

- I finally learned to play "Oh" by DMB. I'm excited about this.

- There is a very good chance that the twins shower together

- Adam Craig enjoys partying til the early morning before winning national championships

- I took not a single picture while I was gone

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Zach said...

you didn't take any pics but I did. theres planty of you in there. I took some ladies camera who was staying with us.