Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Universal Solvent

In the field of chemistry, water is referred to the 'Universal Solvent'. It's unique chemical composition of both an H+ cation and an OH- anion allow it to dissolve both acidic and basic compounds into solution.

Time has the same profound effect on a human being's mind. More specifically, the amount of time continuously riding a bicycle. Time is capable of dissolving any aspiration. It makes no difference your motivation, your confidence, your optimism, or your fitness. Time will break it all down. Time doesn't care. Time is relentless.

The changes within are staggering. Within hours, every ounce of effort in getting there is reduced to nothing. The 40+ hours of round trip driving, the dollars spent, the time investment of the support crew, the time investment of your own in training, the good luck wishes of hundreds of people are meaningless at that moment. You just don't care anymore.

24 Nats weren't the best. The course was so much fun. Sections reminded me exactly of Valley Forge. Stomach problems started early and didn't get any better. Ran 6th and 7th pretty consistently until a bit past the halfway point but couldn't put anything down without it feeling like it would come right back up. Even water. With nutrition steadily heading downhill I pulled the plug around midnight. Later that night, I ended up throwing up on the side of highway on the way back from getting some food. I was suprised to hear in the morning that Brandon had also abandoned a few hours later. PA bitchslap.

A big thanks to Matt, Jenny, my mom, and Renae and Joe D for all the help this weekend.

Countdown to Seven Springs- 24 days

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Zach said...

Dude. keep it up. you will smash one of those mothers eventually.