Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Closing time

The number of races is dwindling and so is my interest in it. One more bike scrimage this weekend. Well, two if you count the short track. I love the fall. Not because the leaves change colors or because of the mild weather or the apple cider. I like it because racing goes on the back burner for a while. Dont get me wrong, racing bikes is awesome. But not racing bikes is awesome sometimes too. I like not having to think about it or worrying about getting saddle time in. I ride only when I really feel like it and its fun that way.

Speaking of short track, isn't it really just a short 'cross race. Everyone gets so excited about cross season each and every year. But no one likes short track. Isn't the reason for its popularity because of its sick and twisted kind of pain? It sounds fairly similar. Can somebody shed some light on the disparity of short track and cross love?

The only thing cooler than Mark Taylor is Mark Taylor laying into a corner. On flats.

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Lester said...

I agree. If there were more multi event weekends for mountain biking, I truly think it would grow in popularity. With the fuel prices cross and road weekends make the most sense financially, because of their 2 and 3 event weekends.

That sounded good huh?