Thursday, September 25, 2008

You were always on my mind

Grey's Anatomy just doesn't do it for me. But as I sit watching the two hour season premier in a room steaming with estrogen, my mind is drifting elsewhere.


This morning, for reasons that I'm not able to pin point, I found myself researching legal migration to the Land Down Under. Cost of living, fuel costs, health care systems, and taxation. I even passed the practice test for citizenship. I've always thought about how cool it would be to get my aussie on.

Who knows why

Ha! It'll never happen. I don't think... But about a month ago I came across some interesting info. 2009 Worlds in Australia, and I want to go. I'm trying to get ahead of the game for this one. Already working on what the selection process is and what races really count. I will have to try my hand at one or two World Cups this year. Holy crap. Thats a tall order but I'm going to make a serious attempt at this. I won't make any guarantees cause I'm not down with empty promises but I'm not taking it lightly.

Saturday I got to spend a day in the life of Matt Miller2.0(07) after cutting two tires during the short track within a 20 minute period. One warming up and the other on the penultimate lap. On the same rock. At least I was able to make up for it in the Super D where I had a smooth run. Crossing the line I felt like I put in a good time but probably not a winning one. Well, I didn't win...but I did take second. By half a second. And Brandon took third by 0.11. I don't know if I could handle DH racing if I had to win or lose by splits like those.

Don't let the black and white fool you, that's some major number plate bling. Try not to be jelous.


Brandon Draugelis said...

That's why DH'ers smoke mad weed. It helps settle their nerves.

Kristen said...

loved the shield :)