Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Photo Hunt

"This is awesome, what a stress-free race"

Indeed, the Seven Springs 24 Hour was very stress-free. It turned out to be a very long, fun ride with Brandon, sweeping the top 2 spots. From the start we held a consistant pace, keeping our lap times well under 1:20 until the sun disappeared. By about 3am we had put third place 2 laps down, and from there til the finish it was more or less just damage control unitl we had the top two spots locked up. We finished the race with 16 laps, 200 miles and approx. 24,000 ft of climbing. We had time to fit in a 17th but we found it to be a bit redundant.

Key points worthy of mention:
- "Getting a gap" in the opening laps of a race this long is not a foremost concern.
- Pizza works wonders on the 2am bonk.
-The greatest people you know are the ones who can stare you in the face and tell you that they don't care how much it hurts to ride your bike at 4 in the morning, and make you get back on.
- Inducing vomiting can make you feel like a million, no- make that two millions, bucks
- There is always one more lap. Always.
-My taint may actually be made of steel.

Recovery is coming along nicely. Sunday was rough. Monday was alot better. Today is mostly normal. Actually went clothes shopping on Monday which is unusual. Now I own some sweet new threads that don't have race logos plastered all over. Who woulda thought. I'll have to get used I guess.


Kyle Miller said...

Jeez Aaron great job i thought i heard you and brandon did 1-2 awesome.

samlikesbikes said...

Hey good job out there. See you around