Thursday, September 4, 2008

Visual Aids- Tour de Duece

Finally was able to swipe some pics from the Tour de Brew a few weekends back. The inaugural edition last summer was unique enough that I made it a definite destination again this year. The promoters one-up'ed the course from last year, which ran through the Allentown Brew Works, by running the event through the adjacent parking garage in addition to raging through the brewery. After pulling off a a pretty poor celebratory wheelie across the line, the PR began. The local news station asked for an interview, pictures were taken, and then I stepped on the podium to receive my gallon container of beer.
I'm not sure how much cooler this race can get next year.

Photo credit goes to Andy B

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Gunnar said...

That looks like a really fun race. Ill have o try and do that one next year. Congrats!