Friday, October 17, 2008

No position to give advice

Racquetball is sweet. But what makes it so sweet?

Maybe its being in a perfectly sealed, perfectly square white room with no windows.
Maybe it has to do with the intriguing geometry involved with hitting a ball around said perfectly square room.
Or could it be because the extreme echo makes it impossible to make out words, no matter how soft you speak.
How about the lack of ventilation/circulation leading to extreme sweating of the temporal area?
It could just be that chasing a ball around can be a fair amount of fun.

All of these are viable explanations for why I had to play today. I've been thinking about it since the second my eyes opened this morning. One hour was enough to wipe me and Matt out. Sweaty cotton is not cool. After 5 hours of hot summer riding in a chamois, it's easy to log in a good hour or two of loitering before starting the feel a tad gross but cotton...immediately appalling.

Tomorrow I'm heading down to the Philia area to participate as an athletic supporter (pun most definitely intended) for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. Both my mom and Jen are determined to walk all 60 miles so I'll be there for some motivation and picture taking. As long as I remember to get batteries...

Miscellaneous thought to leave you with- Jenny and I are getting pretty darn close to our three year mark. Feels like a long freakin time.


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