Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Titleless post

Ok, yeah. This lack of material is getting a bit ridiculous.

I wish I had some proper reasons/excuses about how I've been so incredibly busy with school work that I just don't have time to keep you guys entertained. But I'd be lying.
Today, though, that was almost true. In a very rare fashion, nearly the entire day was spent outside the room. Highlighting the day was a car ride to Harrisburg to check in on and distract Kyle and Ray, already hard at work doing nothing. We effectively wasted an hour of their time while loitering on the home gyms until we decided that our time could be much more well spent at the burrito joint down the street. The place only took cash so we had to hunt down an ATM. The kicker, there was an ATM conveniently hidden out of sight behind a refrigerator inside the restaurant. I love burritos. ATM service fees, umm, not so much.

Hmm. What else? Warranty season is more or less in full swing. One bike is completely in pieces and scattered about the contiguous lower 50 seeking maintenance that I, unfortunately, am not capable of giving. Hopefully one day, in the near future, we can all get together again and go for ride. That'd be nice. Another bike has found its way onto ebay and is actively searching for a loving family. Interested in helping? Adopt him here.

Everybody likes to ask how schools going. My answer's always the same. It's alright. I still show up to most of my classes, which is an inherently good thing, but that's about it. It seems like this stuff gets easier and easier every year. Is the educational system really working or am I just getting better at working the education system?

Bicycle riding status- 10 days off and counting. But I'm looking forward to get back to it aboard the new ride which in en route.


Lester said...

That's a sweet looking bike.

Dan K said...

Selling the cross bike?? Blasphemy! What about 5thStX!?! Hopefully Scott is hooking you up with one of theirs?

Gunnar said...

So cross wasn't for you?? I thought you would like it since you are good at short track!