Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Doping tests

This has been boiling inside my brain since 8am.

I watched some chump cheat on a history exam this morning. The old note card sticking out of the bookbag trick. I bet he felt so clever. I thought he was a douche bag.

Now I realize that the world has it's fair share of liars and cheats but luckily I haven't had the chance to meet many of them in person. I also consider myself to be amoung those who has led a fairly honest life. As far as academic dishonesty, the only time I've gone astray was in 4th grade on a math test where we weren't allowed to use a calculator. I used a calculator. And I still feel bad about it. I just don't care enough about school to take the time to cheat. People who do suck.

Just thinking about somebody being that much of a jerk makes my head hurt. Watching this guy, it was immpossible to to focus on my own work. I was completly blinded by rage. I needed my whole body to just hate this guy. What a douche.

I'm slowly getting over it. The only red I'm seeing now is a box of Capn Crunch.


Brandon Draugelis said...

should of kicked his shit over. what a turd.

cableguy46 said...

I would have grab it right then and there and asked him "what the F*$# is this buddy"...then let it run it's course...if he doesn't get it here, he'll have to answer at the pearly gates.


Steven Gordon said...

Good use of the word "chump". I like it and I'm going to start using it more often.

The Slush Puppy said...

Dont look at velonews today...sad