Saturday, November 15, 2008

backyard bike racing

The Emmaus crowd is the best. When Bill Strickland opens up his back yard for local bike jockeys to play around in, crowds show up in throngs. I like the atmosphere, it's serious to a point, but the night is always grounded on the fact that because it's Bill's backyard, anybody who acts like a dick is well....quite simply, a dick. Don't be a dick. Its fun. Its dark. Its hard. Its muddy. It heftly awards those who enjoy, or at least are able, to down PBR's very quickly. but its not mountain bikes. This week it was raining as well.

I crashed twice, ran a lot, got beat by Topher both races, and rode the entire duration of both races in the drops. because the hoods make me feel insecure. Not about myself, but my safety and well being and my ability to not get thrown into the ground.

Friday morning, Jenny and I, at her unprovoked request, took a two.5 hour spin down to Manyunk for some lunch, and rode back. It was raining as well.

For the third day in a row, for the first time since Bear Creek, I rode yet again. Following the cross trend of the weekend, and even more torrential rain storms Friday night, I rode the smoother trails of Valley Forge. My cross skills improved appox 10 fold. I can clear medium sized logs and ride on the hoods. I came across a doe being chased by a 6 point buck, who was chasing off at least 4 other bucks, trying to claim the doe as his own. They starting mating. I stopped and watched. Is that weird?

-I'm not sure i used the word "throngs" in the proper context

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Lester said...

It would've only been weird if you hadn't of stopped. You were watching nature at work.

Put on the new crossmarks....very sweet.