Monday, November 10, 2008

TCOB- Taking Care of Business

Finally a truely original idea.

To our knowledge, Matt and I have just listed for the first time ever, a half eaten food item on ebay. At first glance, it may not seem like a huge deal deal, or for that matter, a profitable one. But don't be fooled, the food item is not what's really at stake here. This is about the exploitation of a new and original idea. Hopefully, this will take the nation by storm and we'll be famous. The paparazzi will have a field day, Katie Couric will have to interview us, and if all goes well, we'll be special guests on The Colbert Report. Or something like that.

So spead this to as many people as you know. But lets make on thing understood, this is our idea. Accept no imitations.

On behalf of Matt and Aaron: The original sellers of half-eaten food items.

1 comment:

cableguy46 said...

What a GREAT idea Aron...see what all that schooling will getcha...I have forward this on to the masses...hopefully that will help supplement your tuition..:)