Saturday, December 20, 2008

Post #101

I missed my chance to celebrate my 100th post. Small oversight. The 101st is still pretty cool though. However, I wish I had a more spectatcular post the comemorate it with. I'll just leave you with a story about today's comment of the day.

So I'm standing in line waiting for my fantastic Thai Chicken burrito at the famous California Tortilla. I've already ordered, but I'm waiting just to the side of the register for my food. A woman with her two young kids, I'm going to venture a guess of about 2 and 4ish, approach the counter ooggling over the massive menu board over the wall. I think nothing of it. I continue anticipating my burrito and the spicy peanut sauce that it contains. After a moment or two, and inquiring to both kids what they want, the woman turns to the girl behind the counter and asks this question. "Is it possible to eat the taco salad while I'm driving?"


The words floated into my eardrum, high into my cerebellum, located near the limbic system, and actually caused me to stagger backwards.

I've been riding quite a bit the past three weeks as well. And going to the gym. And spending time with Jenny. And sleeping. And also inherently doing alot of laundry because of he sloppy road and trail conditions.

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Lester said...

haha, if you didn't laugh i would be disappointed.....