Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wow, that was fun

New personal record set just minutes ago. 4 Hours on the trainer. Sweating everywhere. The first and last 45 minutes were the worst. They dragged on and on. The other 3 hours were lost somewhere in the middle. A list of the activities I did.

-Watched 3 episodes of MTV's Made
-AMA GNCC Harescramble recorded from the United Kingdom
-24 Solo
-Downhill skiing, recorded from the 2006 Winter Olympics
-Called Mateo, just to talk
-Called Rob May, also just to talk
-Drank one full gallon of water

Tomorrow I am most definitely going outside.


Jake said...

That sounds like bucket-loads of fun...

samlikesbikes said...

thats so sick. and impressive

samlikesbikes said...
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Matt said...

That's insanity! I don't think I can put more than about 45 minutes on the trainer.