Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get the dirt

I've been meaning to do this.

So there's this new website,, that provides nothing but the best mountain bike racing coverage all over the US. Most of us already know about it, and log on daily. For those that haven't heard, give it a look. The site is run by Colt MacElwaine, and used to be centered in his apartment in MA, which he has since sold and has been on the road jumping from race to race all over the continent. His coverage is solid. His coverage picks out some of the lesser known riders and gives them an outlet for some exposure. He hypes up the rivalries between the top dogs. And he gives a peek into the life of the pros by posting interview all the time. And he's got race results posted quicker than most other sites to boot. His site could single-handedly change the sport. It's exactly what the sport needs.

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Colt McElwaine said...

Thanks man. I really appreciate the love.