Thursday, July 9, 2009

Where do I start?

So much has happened in the past week. My 22nd birthday was last Sunday. I spent it racing my bike, eating an amazing cake, and filing police reports. Wow, vehicular burgulary, just what I wanted!! How did they know. I didn't really want those 2 ipods or the cell phone anyway, and I was just thinking that it was about time to replace my passenger side window too. Thank you! Less than 24 hours later, the Experience and I were in NYC knocking out a couple of LT intervals down Broadway. Motorpacing, ya know? We hucked some rocks in central park and napped along the Hudson. Then I got smoked by a taxi cab door, thrown to the ground, and met perhaps the most apoligetic man in the city. My wounds are healing.My friend Matt Lester also had his wedding this weekend. I was part of the wedding party and go to dress up and look pretty sexy. It was an outdoor ceremony in a state park, and was really nice. I'm glad I had to chance to be there. Nice job Matt. I would totally hit on me if I wasn't me.

Now it's time to get back to racing and regain some focus. I need it. My schedule has never been so packed as it is right now. A snapshot of the next 6 weeks:

Leave Weds., the day after tomorrow, for CO. National Championships on Friday morning. Catch the soonest flight back east in time to race the Marsh Creek XC saturday night and/or Michaux on Sunday. Work. Leave Weds enroute to Mount-Saint-Anne for the World Cup number 5, followed by Bromont World Cup one week later. Come home and work. Leave the following Thursday for Mt Snow ProXTC. Come home and work, then leave the next Thursday for the ProXTC in Windham, NY on Saturday, skip the short track on Sunday and come home for the French Creek XC instead. Then maybe a weekend off. Or maybe not.

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Jake said...

so pro Aaron, so pro. Almost didn't recognize your pic in bicycling. Your pain face gave it away.