Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Colorado Riding

Nationals- meh.  Looking forward to next year already.  Unless they decide to put them up high again, in which case, f-it.  I really don't understand putting them in high-altitude.  For an organization that is so gung-ho about fair-play and leveling the playing field, i.e. doping, it seems counter-intuitive to hold a one-day, national championship event in a location that puts half the country at a physiological disadvantage.  The locals say that it affects them too being up over 9000ft.  Really?  I live at 200ft, yeah just two zeros, above sea level.  Your saying that even living at just 6-7k isn't even the slightest bit of a headstart?  I get it, CO is a hotspot for the sport, but seriously, how many dusty switchbacks can you put in one race course.  OK, I'm done complaining, your probably thinking that I'm just bitter.  Well, maybe, but it seems like they get all the glory.  I did get a sweet interview though, I won't complain about that.

Riding before and after Nationals in Steamboat Springs with an old friend- dope.  Today we put in a manly 5hr ride on the Continental Divide Trail.  To make it extra sweet we rode from the center of town, and climbed over Rabbit Ears pass which was over an hour of steady climbing.  On pavement, before we touched a lick of dirt.  Once to the top, around 10,000ft we hooked up with the trail and rode along the ridge for about 26 miles back to the Steamboat ski area where totally railed 3000ft of continuous descending back into town.  It was so sick.

Jeff promised me we'd see moose up top.  We didn't, and I was just slightly disappointed.  But to be fair, the entire ride looked like a postcard, so that helped.

Its been a blast out here, especially getting to ride some real trails and not just race courses.  It actually gave me a whole new perspective and more respect for riding on the west coast.  (even though it is not and could never possibly be as sweet as home, it was nice)

Tomorrow afternoon I fly home and get to have Jen pick me up in Newark to spend the night with here.  I'm looking forward to night racing next weekend.  Will definitely not miss that one this year.

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