Tuesday, July 27, 2010

'Heads up, there's poison ivy everywhere'

said the guy directing traffic into the field.  Great.  It was fitting that the reg bags included a sample of technu poison wash.  Jen was scrubbing her ankles down at 2am before jumping into bed.

The concept of the race was really awesome.  It didn't change the dynamic of the race as much as I thought it would, it was just dark out.

Stephan started a million times harder than I would have ever expected.
Brandon and I rode away from everyone.
I tried pretty hard to drop him on the first lap.  Could get a small gap a couple times but couldn't hold it. He was riding really fast too.
Settled in on the second, realizing it was going to be another sprint between us.
Didn't know who won for a few minutes.
If it was up to me, it'd have been a tie.
My Lupine was flawless.  They are the best lights in the world.

No pics. Prolly cause it was dark.

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