Saturday, August 14, 2010

Super Secret race prep

Taking the tandem down the Perk trail for a few hours.  Never thought we'd be able to get it moving as fast as we did.  Passing guys on road bikes holding a steady 20mph the whole time.  Man that thing holds momentum!

It was probably better that she couldn't see a thing.  She likes to panic.  
But we didn't crash and she didn't kill me either.  She probably trusts me.  Almost.

It worked to perfection for Sunday though.  Besides the lamest start that I've had for as far back as I can remember, which was due solely to the unexpectedly quick start, it was a blast.  I swear the guys here start harder than the guys in any of the ProXCT races.  After realizing that almost all 28 guys were ahead of me, I must admit, I panicked a bit myself.  There were lots of heavy hitters lined up today, none of them slouches in the slightest bit.  I got to it and started picking everyone off and making my way towards the front, hoping that I didn't miss the train that was almost definitely forming while I was stuck near the back.  By the halfway point I had made it into the top 5 with Brandon, Kerry, Harlan, and one or two other guys.  To say that I was feelin it (in a good way) is an understatement, so I kept my head down and hammered out another lap on my own.  It felt great to have such a strong ride with that many local heavy hitters in one place.

Only a few more local races left this year.  Where did they all go.  Moving back into school after a years hiatus next week.  Can't wait to get back to the 'chaux' and do some real mtb'ing.  Hopefully in preparation for this one in a few weeks.

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