Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Skidded into Daytona Beach this morning after driving all night.  Made it in 13.5 hours, beating my own PR by about 30 minutes.  I think I need this week off, my body more so than my mind.  The whole 'being pro' thing made me feel guilty for even thinking about not bringing a bike.  So I did.  But only the road bike.  And no promises that I'll even ride it.

In the interest of money and a completely unnecessary amount of time behind the steering wheel.  I pulled out of going up to Quebec for the final Canada Cup and instead hit up the H2H at the Taconic 909 park with Jordan and Jen this weekend.  The race lived up to the H2H standard of being top-notch, albeit a bit long at almost 3 hours.  Jordan and I made it a PA 1-2 finish and took our winnings to a hole in the wall mexican cafe for some serious grub.

I hope plans for Pisgah come through....

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Evan said...

Enjoy the time off...well earned.