Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Two no's make a yes

I got a couple of responses this weekend from all my resumes. The first response came from Lynskey Performance, makers of super high end, custom titanium frames and original founders of Litespeed. Their response was simple and relatively degrading. They are currently only interested in sponsoring "top" races on both the road and mtb. Yeah, they put "'s around top in the letter. Ouch. The interesting part about it is that I've never actually seen anyone riding one of there frames, except for Topher and a rider in back of the Pro Womens field at Sugar Mtn, which I'm guessing was only because the race was so close to their TN based factory. Oh well. No number two came from Tifosi Eyewear, just the typical thanks but no thanks. Maybe next time.

After two dissapointing responses, I was thrilled to get an email response from CrankBros, with an offer for a Pro deal sponsorship. I'm pretty excited about it actually, cause they make some really sweet stuff and have by far the best customer service in the industry. As a new sponsor, their logo has made an appearence along the side of my blog...just trying to deal with the corporate aspect.


Jordan Kahlenberg said...

They've sponsored me for 2 years and I still haven't gotten any of the dang hats I've asked for!

Lynskey Performance said...

Sorry that we did not have a better answer for you then. We do however now have a pretty nice grassroots program thanks of course due to input from people like you.

Happy trails.